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Afnizar is a versatile product designer, based in Indonesia

Currently at GovTech Edu, working on Rapor Pendidikan. I’m passionate about all areas of design and I believe in design as a better approach to solving human problem. I deeply value human-centered design that's meaningful and impactful.


By observing, I believe we can develop a greater understanding of user experience and needs by observing them in their natural environment.


Reflecting on my work, take into account different perspectives and be prepared to change in order to stay true to the team's values.


The sooner you make, the more quickly you learn. By make, giving you the opportunity to try out new ideas and see them take effect in the real world.

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I understand, if this sounds cliché, reading a sequence of design processes earlier. But hold on, let me explain to you.

I've always thought of design as a process of getting from point A to point B. But, as I looked back, I realized it wasn't always like that. This is what I call the loop: observe, reflect, and make. It never takes a single path; it is always changing and adapting to the problems we face.

Purbalingga is my point A, this is a small town in Java where I was born. People moving on, so am I. From Purbalingga, I’m moving to another point–Purwokerto, Bandung, and, Jakarta. By living in various place, I reflect that I take a lot of inspiration from meeting many people and environments. Even today, I still believe that connecting with humans creates empathy and connects us together.

This website serves as a repository for my design work and reflections. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

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Selected works

Rapor Pendidikan

Helps schools, districts, and ministries of education make data-driven decisions in order to improve the quality of education.

Live Site

Design System for GovTech Edu

Laying the foundation of design system to support the future of education in Indonesia.

Dashboard Mitra Kampus Merdeka

A platform for companies to efficiently manage internships and independent studies activities in their organizations.

Live Site

Natatoko: Create an online store in minutes

Manage your online store without all the hassle. It offers features for order taking, product management, and business analysis.

Live Site